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How can I put my subscription on hold for a month?

All our subscriptions are monthly, as we believe you shoudl Never Miss A Day! You can manage your subscription using your secure link that was emailed to you when you placed your subscription order. It is a good idea to bookmark this in your browser for instant access! 

We do not have a hold or pause option, but you can click on the DATE of your next order and that will open up a calender. Choose any day you wish for your next order to come. Once you receive your order, you can go in and update it again as you wish.

You can click SKIP to skip the next order going out, you can add product, delete product, and even add a one-time product to come with or on your next order. 

You can reach out to contact@liveultimate.com and we are happy to send the secure link to the email on file. You can also create a Live Ultimate account here, and use the same email address that you used to create your subscription account. This will give you access to your subscription as well!