Why mushrooms?

2 min. readlast update: 09.15.2020

Because they keep us healthy! Simply put, mushroom fruiting bodies are one of the most powerful immune-strengthening superfoods on Earth. Scientific research has shown that they contain hundreds of therapeutic compounds and have immune-enhancing properties, sharpen cognitive function, and provide an adaptogenic balance to help our bodies function optimally. They’ve been revered by the Chinese for centuries for providing energy and as an aphrodisiac. Mushrooms are just now becoming popular health tonics in Western culture and offer real therapeutic value. Mushroom fruiting bodies contain therapeutic compounds such as beta-glucans, triterpenoids, ergosterols, and other polysaccharides known to boost vitality, balance hormones, fight stress, improve brain health, support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and more. These compounds elevate immune fighting compounds including T Killer cells, macrophages, and interleukins. Research is continually finding new evidence on mushroom’s health-enhancing properties. Over 600 species of mushrooms have shown at least some level of antitumor or immune-stimulating activity. For Ultimate Shrooms, we chose the 8 most powerful for immune support, natural energy, and vitality. Mushrooms are truly the ultimate superfood energy and many people use them as a coffee or tea substitute because it has a similar flavor profile, stimulates blood flow and provides natural energy and mood enhancement without the crash most coffee drinkers experience because they don’t contain any caffeine. We hope you enjoy this enlightened longevity support formula as much as we do and help us share the message about the power of mushroom fruiting bodies! 

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