What is the difference between mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium-based mushroom products?

1 min. readlast update: 09.15.2020

The vast majority of mushroom products on the market use mycelium which is a cheaper form and contains significantly fewer beta-glucans and other health-enhancing actives. Technically, mycelium is not even considered a “mushroom” in and of itself as it’s the underground filament network comparable to a tree’s roots. In fact, it is not required by law to state on the label which part of the mushroom you are using so it is up to the company’s integrity to disclose. Mycelium is the underground part of the mushroom and contains starches from the grain it is grown on. The mycelium builds up energy and one or more times a year will produce a fruiting body that contains concentrated nutrition including up to 50 times the amount of beta-glucans found in the mycelium. Therefore, we believe mushroom fruiting bodies are the far superior choice for optimal health.

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