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How should I measure each dose of the Shrooms using a teaspoon?


Mushroom fruiting body extracts are some of the lightest and fluffiest superfoods in the world. As such, they settle a lot when stored/ shipped so it can appear to look like the bottle is half full. Be assured that we fill our product by weight and not by volume and have individually verified that Ultimate Shrooms contains at least 30 scoops (3g each). Each bottle is uniformly filled, weighed and certified as 100% true to spec by our USDA organic lab which is GMP Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices.

For best practices with Shrooms serving size:

1. Scoop mindfully so that a level scoop, or two leveled teaspoons, is not overloaded or mounded. Tap the scoop on the inside of the bottle to knock the extra amount off.

2. Turn your bottle upside down from time to time to prevent major settling.